Is an innovative concept to keep designers, buildings services engineers, installers and anyone else involved in the HVAC supply chain abreast of the new Safelink™System solutions by BIASIODUCT® for the construction of easy-to-install systems with high energy efficiency ratings and low air leakage that lead to a reduction in both construction costs and the buildings HVAC running costs.

…Ecco i vantaggi della linea circolare safelink™system by BIASIODUCT® con guarnizione in EPDM a doppio labbro rispetto ai condotti rettangolari standard:


C vs A

less air leakage at joints of Safelink™System duct in class C fitted with gasket compared to class B rectangular duct



circular duct weighs less for the same flow rate (average value) less surface requiring insulation in circular duct (average value)



Safelink™System circular duct in class C takes less time to install than a rectangular duct in class B.



shorter lead times and less time on siteless fan energy consumption during operation.



less heating/cooling energy consumption

Air-Leakage C and D


The Safelink™System project by BIASIODUCT® is a comprehensive line of circular ducting and special components with EDPM double lip seals for building HVAC systems with a class C and D air-leakage rating. This line has been designed to deliver clear advantages, such as: lower system construction costs (thanks to lower weight, less surface requiring insulation and faster installation time) and lower running costs (flower energy consumption thanks to less air leaks and optimized system cross-section)

…switch to circular with gasket!

circular ducting systems are the most popular kind in Europe as the bring clear benefits in terms of both cost and design, compared to rectangular ducting:

  • overall system weight reduced by over 35% for the same design cross-section
  • approx. 35% reduction in insulating material
  • estimated system installation times reduced by 50%
  • system sized to operate at higher operating speeds, while keeping pressure losses and noise levels to a minimum
  • circular ducting takes up less space than its rectangular counterpart
  • attractive look for systems that are going to be on show
  • quick and save installation even in difficult conditions
  • excellent airtightness with both positive and negative pressures (withstands positive pressures as high as 3000 Pa)
  • system easy to clean using mechanical cleaning methods, including hard-bristled brushes, to ensure high indoor Air Quality standards.