Biasioduct® is the only italian company to make, as an outsource producer, roll-formed, rectangular and spiral ducts, roll-formed perforated metallic ducts for high induction air diffusion IndDuct. Our manufacture includes fittings for the construction of systems in A and B class, or with EDPM gasket to have C and D tightness class.

Circular perforated metallic duct for high induction air diffusion IndDuct by Biasioduct®, integrates the function of duct for the conveyance of air and traditional air diffusion elements, amplifying the amount of ambient air in motion, allowing a strong mixing and thus a significant reduction of the stratification phenomena.

Biasoduct® range of products are completed by circular bends, reducers, tapers, T-pieces, collars and end-caps.

Wide range of completion for the installation accessories